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creating your brand story. And a million other things that come along.

It’s been four good, bad, and ugly years of setting up this creative powerhouse called Nutshell. And we’re loving it! We love the complex briefs, the never-ending list of changes, the last minute deadlines. Oh yes! We love it all; Because, in the end, what matters the most to us is your brand’s growth than anything else. We are nomads wandering around in search of ideas and insights. We don’t settle; can’t settle until we get it right. Our passion goes beyond advertising. We’re a team of Artists. Illustrators. Writers. Actors. Feminists. Optimists. And Nutcases.

We’re experts in understanding your business needs and we create interactive brand experiences. We’d love to understand you better over a coffee. Yes, we just asked you out. Call us, maybe?

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